Schmitt Design is an eager contributor to the growing green economy. We take the following measures to minimize our environmental footprint:


Raw materials are selected that have both visual appeal and sustainable attributes.

We use bamboo extensively as it is attractive, flexible, and a rapidly renewable resource. Our supplier, Smith & Fong, harvests and produces this material to meet high environmental standards. Wood veneer is another favorite material used in our designs. Veneer is a step towards sustainability as its production yields considerably more usable material from a log than solid wood lumber. The Mora mobile takes this a step further as it is produced only in FSC-certified cherry veneer. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization that certifies wood harvested from responsibly-managed forests.

Each design makes efficient use of the raw materials. Only a small percentage of the material is lost in fabrication.


We are just getting settled into our new facility and will be quickly exploring our local options for renewable energy. The new workshop is flooded with natural light from numerous skylights. This provides an ideal work environment and allows us to leave the lights off through the day.

Location & Packaging

Our facility is centrally located within the downtown Sacramento grid. This urban location creates the ability to run many errands car-free. Packaging, office supplies and hardware are just some of the supplies procured by bicycle or on foot.

Our products are designed to disassemble, when necessary, to minimize packaging. Added protection is provided by compostable starch packing peanuts or shredded cardboard.